Track Reviews | SheLoom – America On Fire

You want some Beatlesque pop/rock by a duo of pop geniuses, one from Canada and the other from Italy? Well SheLoom might just be who you need! Filippo Gaetani and Jordon Zadorozny (and Eric Matthews too) share a knowing appreciation and love for the kind of glistening, sparkling album rock you will most undoubtedly find within a Todd Rundgren, XTC or Al Stewart record from the 1970s. This appreciation showcases an unavoidable influence on SheLoom and their single America On Fire, with the shining acoustic guitars, breathy vocals, elegantly pounding pianos, and a wonderful melody, all of which combines to create a pretty strong testament to pop’s more grandiose past. America On Fire is a lovely first taste of SheLoom’s album The Baron Of The Fjord, which is, like America On Fire, a terrific slice of modernistic/retro progressive pop that is designed to go down like a treat. And it does.

The Baron Of The Fjord‘is available now on Bandcamp.

Yanni Markovina

Track Reviews | Merival – Kicking You Out

Toronto singer/songwriter Merival showcases a lovingly fragile sound laced with a slight twist of bitter realisation on her singer Kicking You Out. Kicking You Out makes the most out of its musical indebtedness to Bright Eyes’ similar acoustic strum Lua, choosing to marry gorgeous melodic vocal lines in entrancing harmony, with a lyrical output that serves as a relative wishlist of grand wants…all which can and hopefully will be achieved after a certain lover is kicked out. It is polite and pretty, and assuredly worth it’s nice 3 minute running time.

Kicking You Out appears on Merival’s debut EP Lovers, out the 29th of January 2016.

Yanni Markovina