The 30 Best Albums of 2014

Alright, here is the biggy. The Top 30 albums of 2014. As the years go by, the musical landscape becomes more and more eclectic, and as such, it becomes harder and harder to determine what are the greatest albums. Even harder still, considering that music is a subjective preference. But still, hopefully with both mine and Phil’s lists, a more complete picture can be revealed .  So read on dear internet traveler! I’ll try not to disappoint.


foster-the-people-supermodel-large30) Supermodel – Foster The People

While the socially conscious lyricism could be a tad earnest and overbearing at times, and the concept of a pop band turning ‘serious’ on their second album is a cliché, Foster The People’s Supermodel succeeded on the whole primarily due to its inherently catchy pop savvy. Are You What You Want To Be? and Best Friend are grade-A indie pop funk, and elsewhere, Mark Foster and co. proved that they could master acoustic campfire ballads (Fire Escape), rock out like Tame Impala (Pseudologia Fantastica), and well, off Continue reading

Best Albums of 2014 – Phillip’s Top 10

2014git-790x580It’s difficult to balance it all out when quantifying music, trying to stack up ‘depth’ or ‘artistic integrity’ against things that are just plain catchy. The tagline on this blog says, ‘Fair, Balanced and Informative Music Reviews and Opinions’, but an opinion is never going to be fair or balanced, just check out the word’s definition. So, here’s my opinion, with all of its bias and pretension, on what have been the best ten albums released this year. Continue reading

Best Albums of 2014 – Phillip’s Honorable Mentions


2014 has been a pretty swell year in releases, there were a few anticipated albums that never materialised, but there was a lot to sink your teeth into. There was more than enough good music to fill up a ‘Top 10’ list, which means that there are a few great albums which aren’t going to get mentioned. That won’t do, so here are ten of those albums, my runners up. They’re listed alphabetically, I’m not going to try and quantify them.

Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers

Faith in Strangers traverses different styles and slides carelessly between gentle ambient electronica and grimy industrial dub. There is gentle female falsetto which peruses the album, and it lures you into the tracks like a mermaid’s siren song; before you know it you’re crashing into rocks in choppy waters, and the gritty bass is quaking your bones. It’s dark and it’s beautiful. Continue reading

The 25 Best Songs of 2014 – Phillip’s Take


Yanni beat me to it with all his, ‘2014, what a crazy year!’ business, but, as is to be expected, we have had some disagreements over what the best music of this year has been. It’s 75 songs shorter because I’m 75% lazier, but here are the best songs of 2014 in my eyes, or rather my ears.

25. Tensnake – Pressure (Ft. Thabo)

‘Pressure (Ft. Thabo)’ is about as daggy as they come, with a cheesy dance beat which brings to mind fluoro spandex and dance-aerobics, and hackney lyrics about breaking free. But’s so damned catchy, you just can’t resist. The stand out on Tensnake’s mediocre debut Glow. Continue reading

The 100 Best Songs of 2014

2014git-790x580What a crazy year it has been! New artists and sounds crawling out of the woodwork, and established acts showing that they can stay blow minds. As this new decade rolls on, it seems to be more and more obvious that when it comes to style, it is an absolute free-for-all. This amazing amount of variety was well on display in 2014, so without further ado, here are the best songs of 2014.

100) Are We Electric – The Kooks

Even though Listen came out patchy and probably a tad too late to save The Kooks’ reputation, Are We Electric is the best song in their discography. Reflective, heart-stirring, and slathered in synthesisers, Are We Electric may not be enough to save The Kooks, but it’s a damn fine note to bow out on. Continue reading