Track Reviews | Lou Parker – INTRO//CYBERNETICS

“Cybernetics”, according to the pair of disembodied voices that usher in this track, most probably transmitted from some forgotten 1950s radio broadcast, is defined as the notion that “Image Is All!”, and that everyone has a self image, and one that can be changed. The kind of tone that this sets up is an abstract if not intriguing one, which in a sense perfectly fits the mood of Australian electronic producer Lou Parker’s debut release, INTRO//CYBERNETICS.

Electronica is a difficult genre to pull off memorably. Part of this has to do with the very ethereal and contemplative nature of the genre itself, which rewards patient and attentive listening. As well as this, the sheer volume of electronic music with a desire to be moody and pensive that has been made within the past five years means that it is even easier for the music to all combine together…most usually into one of those “BEST EVER ELECTRONICA SONGS OMG!!!” YouTube compilation videos that have a three-hour running time. And while it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong to state that INTRO//CYBERNETICS is a relatively generic track in regards to electronica, it is also prudent to mention that there is enough polish, enough maturity, and enough conceptualism within the song to prove that it should not so easily be dismissed.

Within the “INTRO” section of this seven minute song, one hears the sound of sharp footsteps on a cold wooden floor, which resurface as memorable percussive accentuations as the track unfolds. Details like this make the song worth one’s time, and convey a subtle intelligence. As more and more sonic layers are added, such as distant piano twinkles and a spectral vocal sample, a smooth tapestry is developed, which only offsets the song’s undercurrent of isolation. With its detached tone, INTRO//CYBERNATICS is unapologetic in that it does not strive to appeal to everyone and every setting. Like its title implies, this is a cold, desolate song of subtle aggression, muted by the weight of sterile electronica.

On first inspection, INTRO//CYBERNAETICS proves to be worthy background music for a troubled disposition, or a very strange and very chill night-time party. After repeated listens however, one can definitely appreciate the simplistic intricacy of the song’s instrumental composition. Aligning itself snugly within the genre of subdued electro and deep house, INTRO//CYBERNETICS is a gracious introduction into the musical vision of Lou Parker, that can only get more intriguing from here on out.

Yanni Markovina