The Top 20 Best Pokemon Songs

In case you did not know, it is the 20th year anniversary of Pokémon this year. Now before you let that sink and most probably make you feel old, I believe it is important to look back at one of the most important and defining features of the Pokémon franchise: The Music. Throughout every adventure, every Pokémon capture, every wonderful place you journey to, every friend and rival you meet, every, fun-filled moment to be had, there was always a stunning track to accompany you. Whether it prompted you in battle or made you feel grand to be taking a stroll through some grass or through a town, the music of Pokémon has been consistently stellar and often quite diverse. The testament to that has been the best selling “Symphonic Evolutions” concert show that has toured around the world, helping to realise the music from the Pokémon games in glorious orchestral form, in a stunning collision between high art and pop culture. So to celebrate not only one of the most successful game franchises of all time, but to a pop-cultural phenomenon that has supplied an endless amount of joy to millions of people, here are the The Top 20 Best Songs to be found in the main series of Pokémon games (so no anime, Mystery Dungeon games, other spinoffs, even though they all generally have great music too). There’s nothing that gets the nostalgic sense tingling like music, so let’s dive right in!

But first, some honourable mentions:



Rival Battle Theme – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Whereas your rival Blue from the original games was snarky, cocky, and annoying, in the sequel series of Gold/Silver/Crystal, your rival Silver was an all-out heartless and angry bastard. Silver had by far one of the best backstories of any of the main series rivals, serving as an encapsulation of bitter rage that slowly learns the errors of his ways (stealing and abusing Pokémon, power hungry). His battle theme matches his ferocity with a more nervy and cruel take on the standard battle melody, and makes you even more pumped to kick his ass.

Pokémon Center Theme – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Of the many inevitables of Pokémon, one is that you will end up in the Pokémon Center, and in each game, that famously chipper melody is always there to reassure you that at the Pokémon Center you can heal your Pokémon and feel refreshed and ready for the next challenge ahead.

Fireworks – Emotion Theme – Pokémon X & Y

One of X & Y’s most charming and memorable moments came as you and your sort-of rival Shauna are alone on the balcony of a mansion watching a flashy fireworks show. If you chose a girl as your main character the dialogue you and Shauna share will be of a lovingly friendly nature, but if you chose to be a boy…well, things get just a tad more romantic. Either way, with this beautiful piano piece playing in the background, you are sure to get lost in the atmosphere of the moment.

Route 104 – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald


Undella Town (Spring, Autumn and Winter) – Pokémon Black & White

Hands down one of THE most relaxing pieces of music ever to be heard in a video game. Who knows, maybe not just video games, of all time. In Pokémon Black & White, Undella Town is a vibrant and bustling tourist hot spot in the Summer time. Fittingly, the music that plays in the town in Summer is all steel drums and sunny Caribbean-style goodness. But during Spring, Autumn, and Winter, Undella Town is very much a sleepy, nonchalant little place, and the music that plays during these seasons perfectly realises that. The music is very minimal, with a short yet tonally rich electric piano line and pretty synth string surges creating a comforting mood, augmented further by the addition of the light washing of waves onto the shore. With this playing, you can instantly forget your troubles and instead focus on the beauty of the world around you.

Route 113 – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Like most route themes, the music of Route 113 has a tone that implies adventure and progression. But what makes Route 113’s theme stand out is the way in which this is achieved. It is in a distinctive minor key with a second section that prides itself with prominent diminished chords. With a melody oscillating back and forth between secure and unsure, the Route 113 theme is musically arresting, and a reminder that the road ahead my have some tough turns in it. It’s just a shame that Route 113 itself is one of the most annoying in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald game: Frickin’ volcanic ash! Frickin’s Spindas!!!

Drought – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Hardly even qualifying as a song, Drought is more a hauntingly glitchy realisation of impending fear and terror. Its melody (for lack of a better word) ear-piercingly high-pitched, and as the song progresses, this melody layers of the top of itself over and over again while a droning 8-bit squall tethers itself into your mind. This ever-building repetition serves the primary purpose of causing madness into the minds of those who listen to it, and in the context of Drought’s place in the game (the planet as you know it is doomed), this couldn’t be a more apt feeling to create. Drought is one of the most out-of-place compositions in the entire Pokémon universe, and for that, it is one of the most memorable, whether you want to remember it or not. Lavender Town Theme, eat your heart out!

AZ Theme – A Terrible Past – Pokémon X & Y

Pokémon have been a tad hit and miss when it comes to plot in their games, and with X & Y, things were no different. However, nobody could deny the flawless brilliance of the music that plays as the mysterious man AZ tells his tragic tale. The composition and the story it is soundtracking are intertwined, with the music rising in instrumental grandeur and ferocity as the AZ’s tale tells of destructive events, before pulling back to heart-piercing, unaccompanied  piano phrases as AZ realises the ones he has lost. Even without the visual medium accompanying the song, you can still ascertain the exact meaning behind what the song is trying to say. That, is the mark of an excellent piece of music.

Travelling To Outer Space – Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Yes, you read that correctly. Outer Space. As of this writing, the most recent main series Pokémon games are Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, and if you want to see first hand proof as to how far the series has come…In Red & Blue, you were a young kid, simply going from town to town, striving to catch all the Pokémon you could and be the very best (like no one ever was). In Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, it ended with you riding a dragon into outer space in order to save the world from a meteor! And what is the music that plays as you fly through space? Why a full-throttle guitar rock track that sounds like it was taken from the Dragon Ball Z soundtrack of course! The whole scenario is completely bonkers and ludicrous, but goddamn is it awesome! And with this ebullient tune to soundtrack your ascent to the heavens, it is impossible to not have a smile on your face.


And now, on with the countdown!!!


20 – National Park – Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver

Easily one of the best remixes within the Pokémon games, the HeartGold/SoulSilver remix of the National Park theme, which was already wistfully gorgeous in its original 8-bit form in Gold/Silver/Crystal, earns deserved praise for isolating the original melody and adding wonderful flourishes to it until transforming it into something truly sublime. From the tinkling piano introduction, to the soothing main phrases full of harp and strings, to the rocking concluding section, the song is a lovely piece that will assuredly make you want to stay in the National Park for a while.

19 – Battle! Team Plasma – Pokémon Black & White

With each Pokémon game, you get a new evil organisation who get in your way. With each evil organisation, their are grunts. And for those grunts, there is always a distinctive battle theme. The Team Plasma battle theme stands tallest among the rest though, due to its excellent conveyance of the mood “Aw yeah! It’s On!”. The arrangement is instrumentally crazy, with distorted guitars, fierce electronic percussion, and sharp synthetic stabs perfectly combining in a frenetic, adrenaline pumping fashion that is perfectly sequenced and oh so tight. Fitting that the most exciting of villainous battle themes is for one of the most original team of villains.

18 – Route 216 (Day) – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

You’ve gotta be a little patient with this song, its a little slow to start, however, that should be no problem considering that Route 216 is a pretty long route. That, and you will get bogged down by snow. Yes, Route 216 can be a bit of an arduous slog, but thankful this music never ceases to lighten the mood and peak your attention. The way the track trickles in with a pounding bass line, sleigh bells, and subtle piano chords dutifully sets a relaxing tone. Then, by the 42 second mark, things kick into full gear with a cheerful melody and a very jolly undercurrent. Bells tinkle, synths squeal with delight, and the piano runs are positively giddy. The track manages to capture the spirit of wintry times in a fun way without coming across as overly cheesy. This is one song you will definitely want to listen to when taking a stroll through the snow. Or just at any time, really.

17 – Friends Theme (A New Meeting & Friends Forever) – Pokémon X & Y

They are two variations on the same song in the same game. It still counts! Besides, to separate these two versions would be at a detriment to the overall tone of each piece. Pokémon X & Y had without a doubt the friendliest set of rivals, almost to the point where it would be wrong to even refer to them as ‘rivals’. They were more like a new group of people that you set out together with as really good friends. And that is exactly the tone of the Friends Theme. When you meet your soon-to-be friends, “A New Meeting” plays, and very little else so perfectly encapsulates the spirit of classic good time fun with friends. As an ebullient Motown beat bounces along at a brisk pace, a whole array of jumpy pianos, warm acoustic strums and cheerful brass keeps up the joy and WILL have you finger-snapping  and head-bobbing along. The song really sets the tone of the polished X & Y adventures, and really is happiness incarnate.

On the flip side however, you have “Friends Forever”, which, just by slowing down the tempo and changing the instrumental arrangement, serves to create an entirely different meaning. Playing more like a wistful lullaby, with music box twinkling and an adoring string section, “Friends Forever” reminds the listener in the prettiest of ways possible, the importance of love and friendship. In life, sacrifices will have to be made and people will move on, but the core foundation of friendship is what keeps the spirit of life immaculate, and for realising that, “Friends Forever” proves itself as a piece of wonderfully reflective optimism, and a perfect companion to the forward-thinking optimism of “A New Meeting”.

16 – Let’s Return Home Together – Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

A wonderful new addition to the remakes of the Generation 3 games, after watching the credits role in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, you are treated with a little post-game conversation and battle with your rival May or Brendan. During this conversation, the lovely “Let’s Return Home Together” plays, a song that so accurately fits its title, as well as the touching situation that takes place in game. A gorgeous piano piece, dripping with syrupy strings and melodic beauty, “Let’s Return Home Together” fittingly soundtracks the nostalgic feeling of going back home with your friend after a long, arduous journey.

15 – Azalea Town/Blackthorn City – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

With every Pokémon game that passes, the music in the games improves in musical complexity, more instruments, more pronounced production, basically, more is possible as time moves on. However, one cannot forget the franchise’s foundational roots in chiptune, and while some modern ears may not be accustomed to the high-pitched nature of chiptune, there is no denying the emotional power that many of these simple tunes elicit. Case in point: the theme to Azalea Town and Blackthorn City from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal. The theme is sweet and melodious, and wholeheartedly illustrates the pleasures of innocence with its rising major melody and descending bass line. Within Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal, it serves as a somewhat bookend to one part of your journey, as Azalea Town is the home of the first Pokémon Gym Leader, and Blackthorn City is the home of the last. A little feature that just further accentuates how far you have come.

14 – Odale Town/Lavaridge Town – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

The first town you arrive to in your Hoenn adventures is the small little town of Odale, whose in-game slogan is Where things start off scarce”. It’s a pretty apt description, not much happens in Odale at all, with even the leading encyclopedia on Pokémon, Bulbapedia, stating “There is little of interest in Oldale Town in the Pokémon games”. There is, however, one thing that will have you coming back to Odale Town, and that is its beautiful theme music. The music that plays in Odale Town (and later on, Lavaridge Town) might just be the very literal definition of bittersweet happiness. The way the digitised flute melody dances and falls is truly lovely, and will most assuredly put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. It’s a simple, comfortable tune, for a simple comfortable town, most likely first experienced during a simpler, more comfortable time in your life. And for reminding those who listen of more carefree times, the theme to Odale Town and Lavaridge definitely deserves recognition among the best compositions in  Pokémon. (Note: The Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire remixed version is stunning with its orchestral arrangement, but we have gone with the original for its faultless simplicity).

13 – The Lament of Falling Stars – Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

The post-game story line of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire (the Delta Episode) was very thrilling, one that involved evil organisations, espionage, a mysterious and powerful trainer named Zinnia, Mega Rayquaza, meteoroids on a collision course with the Earth, and a frickin’ battle in space with Deoxys, the equivalent of an alien in the Pokémon universe. While all this is clearly awesome, the most touching and saddest moment of the Delta Episode is the one that cuts deepest. Just before you fight Rayquaza, Zinnia tells you a brief piece of personal history, with very heavy emphasis on the fact that she lost someone dear to her, possibly her daughter. As she tells you this story amid the stars, “The Lament of Fallen Stars” plays, and simply put, you will weep. It is a delicate piano ballad, full of minor chords and expertly crafted melodic phrasing that tug at the heart strings with the primary objective of eliciting sorrow. Its breathtaking, its beautiful, its a welcome change of pace amid the crazy action of the Delta Episode, and it is one of the finest songs in the Pokémon series.

12 – Lavender Town – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

And now, a track that needs no introduction. Lavender Town from the original Pokémon will forever live in infamy, with the main reason for this being Lavender Town’s theme song. In the original Pokémon games, the music was for the most part upbeat, happy, and filled with adventurous spirit. However, as soon as you stepped foot into Lavender Town, you knew instantly that something was different. Unlike the other pieces of music in the games, the Lavender Town theme was haunting and creepy, an unnerving lullaby of discordant chords and tones punctuated by spiky high-pitched shrieks. The hypnotic nature of its bizarre melodic progression makes it stand tall as one of the most memorable and defining songs in Pokémon history. So jarring was the Lavender Town theme, that endless creepypastas and terror tales were spread over the internet about how the song caused some unlike children who listened to it it commit suicide. In all honestly, the spookiness of all these stories is really pretty childish, and after all this saturation, the Lavender Town theme can even seem relaxing. But if you isolate yourself from all the fan theories and possessed game cartridge stories, and actually just LISTEN to the song, you will find that the Lavender Town theme still retains its innate creepiness to this day.

11 – Battle! Ghetsis – Pokémon Black & White

Okay, Lavender Town may be creepy, Drought may be atonally crazy, but the battle theme for the boss of Team Plasma, Ghetsis, is truly terrifying. This most far-removed of battle themes does less to inspire determination and more to instill a sense of heart-racing dread. Ghetsis might just be one of the most evil characters in the Pokémon universe: He manages to convince countless people around the world to give up their Pokémon so he can assume unparalleled control and reign as ruler of the world, he brainwashes his innocent son into helping him with his evil plans, he even threatens directly incapicate you as the player. Cold. Blooded. There is no Pokémon League Champion at the end of Black & White, he has been done away with. It is just Ghetsis. Unlike other evil team bosses in the Pokémon series, who serve mainly as just difficult obstacles, you NEED to take Ghetsis down. Ghetsis is the incarnation of corruption and he MUST be stopped. But as soon as that music starts, initiating the fight, you know that this is not going to be easy. The booming drums sound as if they are calling on the apocalypse, forever growing in intensity and force. Eventually the synths kick in, setting your teeth on edge, still the drums get louder and faster, folding back in on themselves over and over again. Then…Silence. You think you have a moment to catch your breath, but then, a choir chants a dread-filled mantra seemingly from the fiery depths of hell itself. Then, it all combines together into one terrifyingly forceful  amalgamation that leaves you without doubt, that this is the most intense moment of your life. No other song could be more fitting for perhaps the most epic and frightening boss in the Pokémon series. (As a side note: CURSE YOU HYDREIGON!!!)

10 – Goldenrod City – Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Even in 8-bit form, there is no way you can deny or suppress the innate bounciness and sweetness of the theme to Goldenrod City from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal. Goldenrod City was by far one of the busiest, brightest, and beautiful places in the Johto region; it had a casino, a multi-level department store, a train line, a radio tower, an underground seashore views, and of course, Whitney’s Gym (frickin’ Miltank!). So, it only goes without saying that the city has one of the most charming of all melodies in the Pokémon universe. The way the song bops along with innocent grace is nothing short of wonderful, and as the arpeggiated counter-melody chimes in harmony with the sparkling main melody, you cannot help but get a blast of blissful nostalgia and marvel at the innocent beauty of this song, and the times from which it came.

9 – Ending Credits (Onwards To Our Own Futures) – Pokémon Black & White

When you defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, and you are crowned the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world, you find yourself at the end of your journey, and you most commonly make your way back to your home town accompanied by the end credits and a sweet and reflective musical score that allows you to reminisce on the times you have had. This is not the case in Pokémon Black & White. Instead of the tender emotive score during the end credits, Black & White dishes up a rampaging beast of a closer, full of galloping percussion, virtuosic violin flourishes, fervent choir, and glorious breakdown that makes you feel like you are standing on a mighty precipice, looking down on the world in bold self-assurance as you know that your quest is not over: it is just beginning. Far and away the most distinctive of all ending credits songs, “Onwards To Our Own Futures” accurately keeps up the intensity of the final moments of the Black & White story, and stridently forewarns of future events, as to be seen in the sequels Black 2 & White 2.

8 – Opening Theme – Pokémon Red/Blue

In many respects the most iconic of all Pokémon songs, the opening theme to Pokémon Red & Blue was for many, the first sounds anyone ever heard related to Pokémon. That heart-pumping intro, that cool main melody line, it all has a ‘once-heard-never-forgotten’  feel to it that has stayed with the Pokémon franchise for 20 years. And why not? It perfectly sums up that feeling of starting up a new adventure to prove you are the best. It pumps up the determination like few other songs do.

7 – Trainer Battle – Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Another of Pokémon’s most defining songs, the Trainer Battle theme is by this point in the franchise’s history, an integral part of the whole Pokémon experience. While the classic 8-bit original theme on the GameBoy may be more iconic, it is the Fire Red/Leaf Green remix that is by far the most powerful and realised version of the song. With the instrumentation being so diverse and packed with dynamic action, you get to feel every moment of the battle that is taking place: the intensity, the pressure, the fighting spirit. It is all too common to let Pokémon battle themes fade away into general noise when caught up in battle, but the Trainer Battle theme from Fire Red/Leaf Green demands your attention and keeps you hooked with its catchiness, and its raging passion.

6 – N’s Farewell – Pokémon Black & White

N is and always will be one of the most unique and captivating characters in the Pokémon universe. He does not neatly fit into any one particular category, appearing as a hero, villian, friend, and rival, all at the same time. His backstory is mysterious and compelling, and in all honesty, if the Black & White games focused on his journey instead of your own, it might make for a greater story! Throughout Black & White, N manages to get you to question the morality of catching and battling Pokémon. While this could be seen as a simple approximation of animal rights activism, N is so much more. And even if you find it difficult to get attached or even interested in the characters of Pokémon games, there is no way you cannot feel for N as he says his final goodbyes with “N’s Farewell” playing at the very conclusion of the game. “N’s Farewell” is a poignant and touching piano ballad that is definitely not for the faint of heart. The way the melody rises and falls is stunningly beautiful, and perfectly pinpoints that exact bittersweet feeling that lies between love and loss. All of which is complemented by a heart-rending climax and sweeping strings that stir the emotions, in or out of context. That this music plays during N’s physical and spiritual epiphany, not to mention as he is urging you to dream your dreams and follow the paths of truth and ideals,  makes the song even more potent. “Well then…Farewell!”

5 – Route 1 – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow

Just try. Just TRY humming this and not feel instantly happy. Route 1 was where you took your first steps on your brand new adventure in the original Pokémon games. With this chipper little earworm melody playing as you walked through the grass, on your way to Viridian City and beyond, you had no doubt that your journey would be a fun one. To think that this is a 20 year old melody now may seem a strange, even sad when thinking about all the time that has passed, but the sheer upbeat and optimistically carefree nature of the Route 1 theme reminds us all that we will always have an unbreakable tie to our innocent selves.

4 – Pallet Town – Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green

Speaking of unbreakable ties to our innocent selves! Pallet Town was quite literally, where it all started. Your little home town of only two houses and a Pokémon lab was an incredibly quaint and unassuming place to begin one of the largest pop cultural phenomenons of all time. And while it may make sense to put the original theme music from the Red/Blue/Yellow games, it is the Fire Red/Leaf Green version that deserves the spotlight. Where the original version is just just straight up chipper and joyful, the Fire Red/Leaf Green remix of the song adds a generous helping of longing and even bittersweet reflection into the mix. It many ways, this version of the theme is more appropriate when thinking about the franchise with 20 years of reflection. It plays as if you have come home after a long trek, and it acknowledges that you and things around you have changed. Sure, it may seem a little sad, but you’ll always be glad you took that first step all those years ago.

3 – Verdanturf Town – Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

The third generation of Pokémon games prided themselves on their more advanced music sound file capabilities. New instrumental possibilities could now be realised. And while most of the music in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games chose to be realised with brass accompaniment (mainly trumpets), it was incredibly refreshing to here the soothing, tinkling sounds of an exquisite piano theme. That theme is the theme to Verdanturf Town, a town where not much happens and it really only serves as a stop-gap on your journey or a place to rest your Pokémon. With that being said though, it makes perfect sense that this is the music to accompany this small, sleepy little town where the grass sways and the flowers bloom. The music is so touching and emotive with its glorious chord progression and combination of piano, strings, and a stirring woodwind melody. Nostalgia can vary from person to person, as can what can trigger it, but the theme to Verdanturf Town, no matter who the person, at what time in their life, will make them reflective and nostalgic in the most wonderful way possible. (Side Note: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire supplied an excellent orchestral remix of this song too)

2 – Unwavering Emotions – Pokémon Black & White

Okay. You will need some tissues for this one, because there WILL be tears. By far the most immediately ‘stop-dead-in-your-tracks’ song from the Pokémon universe, “Unwavering Emotions” can be simply described as a quintessential distillation of heartache, sorrow, and all-consuming sadness. The way the piano notes hang in the reverberated air gets the tear ducts trembling, and by the time the strings sweep in, you will most probably be crying and lost in the shimmering perfection that is “Unwavering Emotions”. The way the melody rises and falls and surges and retreats, effortlessly mirrors the reality of experiencing sorrowful feelings. The questioning, the outpouring, the resignation, it is all wrapped up so perfectly it cannot help but be admired. “Unwavering Emotions” plays during a rather pivotal moment in not only the Pokémon Black & White games, but in the entire game series. Your friend and rival Bianca is enjoying her Pokémon journey, and making friends along the way. However, eventually, she is confronted by her father, and we bear witness to a touching scene that sees him try and persuade Bianca to come home <cue the music!> Now, it should be noted that in every single main series Pokémon game aside from Black & White, parents are quite eager to let their children leave home and roam the world of Pokémon at a VERY young age (a little strange, but what are you gonna do?). Black & White was the first and so far only game to realise that parents were not just NPCs that you barely ever return to in order to heal your Pokémon, and who would blindly accept their children leaving home, they were like real people with real anxieties, and yes, overprotective. While in the end, Bianca’s dad was being unreasonable and unfair in trying to disallow his daughter from discovering herself, the emotional confrontation between him and Bianca was truly touching and thought-provoking, and with “Unwavering Emotions” playing in the background, the emotional intensity of the situation was even further strengthened. A remarkable song, from a remarkable game. There’s not much more to it than that. (Side Note: Pokémon X & Y features an amazingly fleshed out remastered mix of the track that is just as touching)

1 – Route 209 (Day) – Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

The theme music to Route 209 from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum is the best music to appear in a Pokémon game. Why? Because it is within this single musical score, that so many of Pokémon ‘s most integral themes and identities are perfectly exemplified, as well as revealing much about the Pokémon franchise as a whole. The Route 209 theme is bright, rich, melodically excellent, instrumentally inspiring, and most importantly, manages to capture the spirit of adventures and journeys, yet also remembrance, with startling efficiency and grace. The song is also amazingly dynamic, jumping all over the place in mood and tone, but never feeling dissociated. From the world-opening introductory piano notes, to the brass melody that you will swear was the inspiration for Green Day’s 21 Guns, to the ebullient woodwind melody, to the playfully dancing piano runs, it is impossible not to stand in awe of such a glorious assemblage of sound and notes. You can feel the passion for life and love just bursting through with every passing second.  The Route 209 theme is also the reason we have many terrific songs in Pokémon at all. Hitomi Satō, the composer of the Route 209 theme who had previously had very small roles in Pokémon series titles, presented the theme to Game Freak during the creation of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and they liked it so much that they hired her as a full time, main series composer and most of her music shows up in the games from generation 4 onwards. For managing to encapsulate the spirit of Pokémon into a single song so effectively, not to mention being the catalyst for other excellent songs to be realised, the Route 209 theme from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum is the best song to appear in a Pokémon game.


I hope you enjoyed this list, found pleasure in reliving some old memories, or even introduced you to some wonderful music. Feel free to comment on your own favourites. Also, a special thank you to Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Morikazu Aoki, Hitomi Sato, Minako Adachi, and Shota Kageyama for creating such wonderful music for 20 years.

Yanni Markovina

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